Sepe Natural

“Tell your complains to us, Satisfactions to others.”


The Sepe Natural Organic Products Industry and Trade Joint-Stock Company is a thriving company

on 21st century and it was established in 1964 by Kasım Girgin as a private company. From 1980 to

the present, we’ve been operating in Izmir since our first store was open in Kemeraltı; the company name: as “SEPE” was established by combining the names of the company founder’s daughter

and son: SErap and PEyami Girgin; they were the ones who incorporated the company and have

been managing it until 2019. The products that are imported, exported, manufactured and

distributed are all managed and operated within the company by our company associates,

as our mission is to be a SOLUTION PARTNER.


Our major lines of operations are contract private label manufacturing, Exclusive

Distributorship Opportunities, Supplying high quality raw materials.


Our major lines of production are OTC products, Food Supplements, Herbal Supplements,

Traditional Medication (Conventional, TCM, Islamic), Cold Pressed and Distillated Pure

Herbal Oils, Herbal teas and honey mixtures, Pure Turkish Honey. With More than

1000 products in our portfolio!


The support and the transparency of Services we provide, before and after our agreements, have

resulted in resounding popularity and become the choice in the hearths of lots people.




Researcher, innovative and customer-oriented Solution partner;
Being a Pioneer and Strong Brand



Is to be a company that makes
Our Customers and Employees Feel Privileged; By adding value to life,
By adopting Quality and Health as a duty, By using all the purity of Nature.



Transparency Reliability
Quality in Service Responsibility
Team Work Continuous Improvement
By using all the purity of Nature.


In The Sepe Natural Organic Products facility we are very social and following the most current trends that are happening all around us, with the investments done in the manufacturing line of the company. It is not only the machines that adds value to the facility’s efficient capabilities, we are working with a very experienced team of executives and customer specialists.


Our wish is to show you the Turkish hopitality with the most heart warming welcome to our city of Izmir!


Our facility is not only equipped with the state of the art machinery for high production capacity but also followed by a very experienced quality assuarence team not only for production but also for the wellness of your bussiness


The support and the transparency of Services we provide, before and after our agreements, have resulted in resounding popularity and become the choice in the hearths of lots people.



Chairwoman of the Executive Board


General Manager


Responsible Manager



Hazel Esma BİÇER

Manufacturing-Planning Responsible




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Most Frequently Askes Questions And Answers

Our expert team members who can prepare formulations;

  1. We conduct a search of reliable sources found in the literature.
  2. After the research process is completed, we determine the necessary raw materials and their specifications.
  3. We decide on the most appropriate form of presentation of the raw materials whose accuracy has been proven and whose results have been approved in our R&D Laboratory.

According to the results of the research, we create the bill of materials according to the most suitable and useful amounts.

Inspection, control, approval number and export of supplementary foods are carried out by T.R. from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest. Since our company is one of the leading companies in the sector, it manages these processes easily. We trust our knowledge in all processes related to the Ministry.

We determine the minimum order quantities according to the current box sizes. The dimensions of the cases are designed to ship products reliably.

Due to our high-low capacities, our lead times are shorter than our competitors.

As in any process, our expert staff searches for the most suitable shipping company for you. 

We have contracted companies for all kinds of shipments.

We can also provide warehouse services to our valued customers with our large warehouse areas. Your products can be safely stored in our company in accordance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point(HACCP) standards.

Yes, we can supply different types of raw materials or packaging for our valued customers, with a minimum purchase quantity slightly higher than the normal ones.

Our company is an innovative company that attaches importance to the production of organic, vegan, vegatarian products and takes action to introduce these products to the market in the future. We can produce these goods on demand, as we have a command of these standarts production processes.

We can supply and manufacture all kinds of capsules (fish, beef, HPMC, colored) and capsule sizes (000,00,0,1,2,3,4,5).

U.S. Food and Drug Administration(F.D.A.) : FDA Certificate, affiliated with the United States Department of Health

Good Manufactoring Practices(GMP) : In the Food and Pharmaceutical sector, it is the basic quality approach about the conditions under which products that directly affect human health should be produced and for this healthy production.

ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Standard : Food Safety Management System. It covers the necessary conditions for organizations in the food chain to ensure that food is safe at the time of consumption and to control threats to food safety.

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System : Standard that expresses an effective quality management system.

Halal Certificate : It is a method that includes a valid, competent and impartial institution inspecting the production in question, verifying that the production is made in accordance with halal standards (OIC / SMIIC 1), and accordingly issuing an approved document.